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iFi iDefender 3.0

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  • iFi iDefender 3.0


Price : Price On Call
Type : Selling
Date : May 10, 2019
Condition : New
Warranty : Yes
Location : 237A Dominion Road Mt Eden Auckland 1024 New Zealand

Break the earth loop.

Using multiple plugs means separate earth points. This creates an unwanted chain of noise/buzz/distortion.

The iDefender3.0 plugs into your computer USB port and auto-detects if there is more than one earth and will ‘intelligently’ disconnect the computer earth for cleaner sound quality. If the DAC is USB powered, the iDefender3.0 requires an external 5v to break the earth.

Super strength.

Listening to music on a DAC?

Then couple the iDefender3.0 with the iFi iPower (5v) for a superhero team that halts hiss and crackle in its tracks from hampering playback enjoyment.

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